Estate Planning Example


The following is a practical example of the benefits of our Estate Planning service. Our client, aged 52, had accumulated significant wealth in recent years. He was arranging his WILL through his solicitor. 

Outcome without Estate Planning;

Tax advice established that his family would be subject to an inheritance tax bill of circa €200,000 on his death. This individual’s solicitor introduced the client for an initial consultation to ourselves to discuss options available to minimise the anticipated inheritance tax bill. 

We arranged for a series of lifetime transfers to take place over a specified number of years as well as establishing Section 72 Inheritance Tax life assurance policies that would discharge the tax bill on his death.

Outcome after proper Estate Planning 

The result is that this will leave his estate intact for a tax-free distribution of his wealth, in line with our client’s intentions. Furthermore, the client had the peace of mind that he could comfortably and freely spend some of his wealth on his ‘bucket list’ before it is too late. 

In our opinion, a ‘free’ Will service is unlikely to provide the required and helpful thought-provoking questions or prudent estate planning. It is vital that a solicitor and financial planner also handles estate administration after someone dies and avoid the chaos of someone dying without a will. 


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