Financial Strategy Seminars

Training and development provide your employees and your company, with long-term benefits and presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of the workforce while also generating loyalty.
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We deliver programs of presentations on various lifestyle topics. This programme is coordinated and designed in tandem with you, the employer. Delivery of our tailored financial strategy seminars can be organized for:

  • All employees
  • By grade or department
  • One-to-One individual meetings
  • Combination of all of the above


Tried and Tested Approach

Behavioral studies have identified that happy employees result in increased productivity and increased performance in the workplace. The aim is to help attendees gain clarity regarding their financial world. This programme should help reduce financial stress for employees across all levels of your organisation, be they small or large. The Infinity financial strategy seminars provide clients with financial education, rather than speculation on the latest product. The focus is on helping attendees identify areas where they can improve their cash-flow, both now and in the future.


Financial Planning Presentations

We have delivered the Infinity Financial Planning presentations on topics’ such as:

1. Budgeting and Debt Management
2. Wealth Management and “Investing” Options
3. Achieving your Financial Goals
4. Financial Planning for Senior Executive’s
5. Pre Retirement Planning
6. Mid-Career Seminars
7. Post Retirement Advice

If you feel you or your company would benefit from this service please contact us for further information.

Employee Benefits Programmes

Whether you are a new company setting up or are checking the market to see if you’re getting the best deal for your business, we have a range of options to suit your needs.

Benefits for Employer and Employees include:

1. Promotes employees’ financial well-being
2. Can improve productivity
3. Can reduce Employee Sick Leave Cost
4. Raises overall workplace satisfaction
5. Cost offset against corporation tax

Attracting good staff is key to the continued success of your business. Giving employees reasons to stay is often cheaper than recruitment.If you are undergoing restructuring or redundancy programmes, perhaps we can help. We have experience of dealing with such circumstances as you can read in this blog post.

Email or phone us for further information.

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