How do I keep track of my pensions?

Like most people you may have moved jobs a few times in the past. As you change jobs you may start to accumulate pension benefits in different employer pension schemes. When you leave a job you will have to decide what to do with the pension benefits you may have built up in your former employer’s pension scheme, one of the more popular options is a personal retirement bond but there are also other options available to you.

3 Options for keeping track of your pensions

  • Leave the benefits to grow in that scheme until you retire. This may result in difficulties when it comes to your retirement. You will most likely need to go back and try and contact these former employers to gain access to your pension benefits.
  • Transfer your benefits to your new employer’s pension scheme, if you will be joining such a scheme. You will get these benefits when you retire from your new employer.
  • Transfer your benefits to a Buy Out Bond (also called a Personal Retirement Bond). A series of Buy Out Bonds in your name can become the hub for all the pension benefits you may have accumulated over the years at your different jobs.

Choosing the right options

Choosing the right option can be a daunting task. At Infinity Financial Planning we will explain the choices available to you in simple language helping you to make an informed decision.

Our Experts will guide you through the process of helping you to make sense of your various options both now. Infinity Financial Planners will also discuss the drawdown options at retirement. We can assist you in developing a well-researched and diversified investment strategy. This will be compatible with your attitude to and capacity for risk and designed to achieve your goals as far as possible.

Personalised Service

Our Certified Financial Planners can provide a personalised service where we will get to know you, your financial needs, attitudes to and capacity for investment risk and ultimate goals. We will guide you through the basic elements of investing – risk and return, diversification and your own attitude to risk. Our Certified Financial Planners will ensure you understand what’s at stake.

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