If you made resolutions, chances are you have broken some of them by now. The usual suspects like lose weight, get in shape and stop smoking will fall by the wayside for many of us.

Your financial goals for 2018 should be measurable. How can you quantify them? It should help if you apply time limits to your aims also. This will increase the likelihood of you achieving your ambitions. Measurable and time-bound goals can provide you with a gradual stairs to reach your goal, rather than focusing on the daunting challenge of reaching a seemingly massive aim high in the distance.

It should help to identify how you would feel if:

  1. You achieve your target and
  2. You did not hit your target.

Does hitting the target fill you with a warm glow of satisfaction, or is it just, whatever?

If you fail to hit the target, will it knock you for six, or is it just a minor inconvenience?

I know from experience with clients that money is a powerfully emotive subject. One of the reasons that most resolutions fail is because they are expressed as I will, or will not, do something forever, starting now. Forever is a hell of a long time to commit to.

If you have a measurable, time-bound target, you can work back from that to determine what you need to do this week. Or today. Or this morning to move forward towards your goal. Instead of focusing on a big target at some point in the future, you only have to concentrate on right now. This works far better for most of us.

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