Public Sector Retirement Advice

We are qualified to answer all the important questions about your retirement options. We have successfully helped 100's of your colleagues manage cash-flow from pre-retirement to post retirement.

Retirement Advice for Public Sector is Specialised

Over the years we have successfully helped many doctors, teachers, health sector employees and other public sector employees manage the transition from pre-retirement to post retirement. Impartial public sector retirement advice is difficult to find.

We are impartial financial planners who specialise in providing the Important Information for Individuals Nearing Retirement.

We can help you maximise your TAX-FREE Lump Sum, Pension and all other benefits and entitlements. See below for the common topics we cover as part of our initial complimentary retirement advice consultation.


Our approach to dealing with public sector employees

We understand Public Sector employees and their attitudes to risk and have an approach to ensure we recommend solutions that are best suited to your needs.

Public Sector Retirees Pension entitlements are a complex area which requires specialist Public Sector Retirement Advice. The key variables being:

  • Amount of pensionable service (includes combinations of part-time, temporary and permanent)?
  • Your salary (pay cuts in recent years make your earnings over the last 10 years very relevant)?
  • Age at retirement (have you reached Normal Retirement Age or are you considering Cost Neutral)?
  • PRSI Contribution Rates (Supplementary Pension Entitlements?)
  • Which Superannuation Scheme?

Frequently Asked Questions we deal with include:

  1. How does the Haddington Road Agreement affect me?
  2. When can I retire?
  3. How do I calculate my pension and lump sum?
  4. What will my take home pay be in retirement?
  5. How can I improve my current position?
  6. What are my Last minute Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) options?
  7. Can I buy back years?
  8. I worked abroad, in the UK, am I entitled to anything?
  9. Do I qualify for a supplementary pension?
  10. Will I receive an Old Age Contributory Pension?

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