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Our aim is to assist our clients in:

  1. Establishing and achieving what they want.
  2. Identifying and maintaining their desired lifestyle.
  3. Assessment of their current retirement funds.
  4. Having the confidence to decide which direction their future should be going.
  5. Making more informed decisions.

Our retirement advice will help both individuals and business owners how to plan for the future. You will receive personalised retirement planning advice which results in your very own ‘Master Retirement Plan’. Our aim is to help you and your family, and to ensure your financial future through personalised retirement planning.

Business Wealth Extraction Advice by Financial Planners

Learn about Company Owners and Directors Pension Benefits.

Pensions for Individuals: Retain Ownership

Are you dealing with your pension on leaving employment?

Last Minute AVC Options Experts

We are experts at Additional Voluntary Contributions planning

Public Sector Retirement Planning

Have you ever thought about your pension entitlements?

Tax advantages to a personal pension plan

1. Income Tax Relief

Income Tax Relief (Subject to Revenue Limits) is provided at your marginal rate of tax on contributions. Therefore, if you are top rate tax payer for every €4 you get €2.67. This compares favourably with the now redundant SSIA of for every €4 you got €1.

2. No DIRT or CGT

As your contributions accumulate in your fund there is no tax on any growth i.e no DIRT or CGT.

In addition, the austerity levy on pension funds no longer applies from 2016.

3. Tax-Free Cash Option on Retirement

Next, is the advantage of the tax-free cash option on retirement, capped at €200,000.

4. Approved Retirement Fund

The fourth tax advantage is the Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) as a post-retirement tax planning tool which allows you minimise or perhaps even eliminate your tax in retirement.

5. Tax Free Death Benefits and Capital Acquisition Tax

The final tax advantage to highlight is the Tax Free Death BenefitsCapital Acquisition Tax may apply depending on the beneficiary and the thresholds.

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